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La Maison Architects brings versatile landscape architecture solutions to you. We cater to residential and commercial sectors offering the highest level of services. Our projects include rebuilding of current architecture properties and creation of the sparkling new landscape designs.

Our expert landscape designers provide safe and reliable landscape architecture services understanding the nature of soil, wind and light and use the concepts of landscape design like colour, form, line, scale and texture to combine the aesthetic, practical, horticultural and sustainable components into his vision for the area.

Our landscape solutions are a blend of effective planning and timely executions. We deliver enduring landscape exteriors with durable spaces. Our refreshing landscape designs integrate cost-effective civil engineering serving the needs of contemporary and urban patterns to satisfy diverse dimensions. We provide landscape designing services for private and public spaces, themed gardens, entrances or welcome areas, recreational spaces, playgrounds, parks, etc.


A home is more than a place of rest – it is a haven of peace. As such, we at La Maison place great reverence in the design and building of villas, knowing that we are essentially creating and shaping the environment in which people will be spending their time recuperating from the rigours of the day. We partner closely with our clients every step of the way, to ensure that the final result is achieved in accordance to client specifications.



Buildings serve a variety of purposes. Some buildings are meant for commercial purposes, while others are meant for residential accommodation. With this in mind, we at La Maison put an emphasis on accomplishing building designs that cater to the specific needs of the intended audience. Buildings that are commissioned for corporate outfits and commercial purposes are designed and built to boost efficiency and maximise productivity. On the other hand, buildings commissioned for residential accommodation are meant to harbour comfort and relaxation on a heightened level. This is how we produce optimal designs for our clients.