Before any construction can be commenced, the final DRAWINGS for the project must first be cleared by the proper authorities. To obtain clearance for a construction plan, properly accomplished documents and requirements must be submitted to the CONCERN AUTHORITIES for approval. The Dubai Municipality has a structured process for acquiring a building permit for villas, industrial buildings, and public buildings and multi-story structures.

Permit Acquisition Process from the Dubai Municipality

To obtain a building permit, the Dubai Municipality requires the submission of a completed building permit application form and the finalised drawings of the project through the online portal. If the project drawings and the application form are COMPATABLE WITH the Dubai Municipality, REGULATIONS the authority will issue the building permits and provide its stamp of approval over all the drawings through the Building Permit and Control System.

Ensuring Smooth and Expedient Building Permit Acquisition

As a full-service provider, La Maison Architects & Engineers Co. LLC can provide clients with professional authority approval solutions for a quick turnaround on all permit applications. We will ensure that building permit applications are properly and accurately filled out with the pertinent information. Furthermore, we can serve as liaisons and process applications and finalised drawings through the Dubai Municipality portal.

Upon the release of the building permits, La Maison will organise the procurement of the pertinent documents, including the finalised drawings stamped by the Dubai Municipality through the Building Permit and Control System. Throughout the process, our consultants can provide updates to the client regarding the progress of the application.

By partnering with La Maison, businesses can fully concentrate on accelerating their growth, while we build a strong foundation for their future.

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