Here at La Maison Architects & Engineers Consultancy, we employ a multi-tiered process for architecture and design. This allows us to deliver a holistically unified finished product to our clients, regardless of project scale.

Master Planning


The primary tier of our architecture and design process is the master planning stage. In this stage, we evaluate the ecological and sociological impact of the proposed structure in relation to its inhabitants as well as its community. Based on the data gathered, we formulate a master plan that integrates and fulfils the expectations of the client, and enriches the environment of the surrounding community at the same time, thus improving the overall quality of life in the area. We strive to achieve designs and structures that have a profound positive effect on the lives of people.

Authority Approval


Upon finalization of the architectural plans for the project, we at La Maison will proceed to acquire approval from relevant building regulations authorities to proceed with the implementation of the finalized plans. This includes provisioning the necessary detailed drawings to the regulatory body, which specify the materials that will be used in the project, as well as detailed information specifying the compliance of the project to the local statutory requirements and Building Regulatory Code. A qualified representative from our company will handle and manage all authority approvals for the project to ensure swift compliance and accomplishment of all requirements.

Workshop Drawing


The secondary tier of the process revolves around creating working technical drawings of the proposed project. The technical drawings will serve as coherent, interpretable visual representations of the design concept. Our team of architects here at La Maison will draft working drawings that will feature and imbue the envisioned design intent for the proposed project, as well as the technical specifications. The working drawings will include visual representations of the project from various perspectives, including the floor plan, site plan, cross-section, elevation, and isometric and axonometric projections.

Site Supervision


To ensure construction of the project follows the approved planning permission and local building regulatory code, a qualified representative from La Maison will engage in regular site construction monitoring throughout the construction stage. This will include periodic visits to the construction site in order to visually monitor the progress of the construction, as well as close inspection of the work to ensure that a high level of workmanship is maintained all throughout. Doing this allows us to provide regular progress reports to our clients for complete transparency throughout service delivery.