Master Planning

Master planning is a broad discipline that revolves around elevating the quality of environment in a particular project area. A comprehensive master plan integrates the diverse expertise and insight of various professionals and specialists, including urban planners, real estate developers, local authorities to create places that enrich the lives of the local community through innovative, sustainable, eco-friendly solutions. La Maison Architects & Engineers Consultancy has significant experience collaborating with other industry experts, here and abroad, to realise ambitious, purposeful, intuitive master plans that accommodate the tides of change, and set a strong foundation for the future.

The three key components composing a master plan

Strategic Framework


A sound strategic framework indicates the goals and objectives of reforming the target land area. The framework is developed according to data collected from studies and analyses commissioned prior to the commencement of the project. Integrated into the strategic framework of the master plan are the avenues and resources that will be utilised to accomplish the proposed developments. The strategic framework will lay down the fundamental ground work upon which the following component, the spatial masterplan, will be developed.

Implementation Plan


The implementation plan details the strategy for accomplishing of every component of the overarching strategy of the project. This includes details of the project delivery such as funding, programme, and procurement.
Over the years, one thing has been ingrained in us as we handled various-sized projects: the built form and the land are related, intermingling. Thus, we collaborate with clients and local communities to bring out the best in the land through our projects.

Spatial Masterplan


The spatial masterplan concretizes the general vision and goals of the strategic framework into three-dimensional proposals. This stage involves the formulation of actual design plans, the visualisation of concepts, and the documentation of project specifications. A spatial masterplan brings body and form to the abstract objectives of the strategic framework, integrating design intent with the core purposes of the project.