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ONGOING PROJECTS - Hatta Luxury Health & Wellness Hotel Project

La Maison Architects is uniting the collective expertise of project managers, engineers, architects, and interior designers to realise the Hatta Luxury Health & Wellness Project – a truly progressive architectural landmark in the heart of Dubai.

Designed as a mixed-use property promoting health, wellness, and sustainability, the project will feature a truly innovative aesthetic inspired by the unique structure of the honeycomb. The hexagonal layout of the facility allows for maximum usage of the proposed area and the integration of photovoltaic solar panels that harness solar power throughout the day. Using advanced solar tracking technology, the centre will be able to absorb energy from the sun to power indoor facilities sustainably.

Inside, the centre will offer an array world-class health and wellness facilities, including a complete fitness gym, a physiotherapy and muscle assessment room, and an indoor gymnasium. Private guest houses for VIPs will be made available within the centre for those who wish to enjoy more privacy and luxury. Additionally, a fully-featured health and wellness zone will be developed, inclusive of an indoor relaxation pool, a Moroccan bath, plush massage rooms, and a beautiful sauna. The interior environment of the centre will seamlessly merge flourishing flora with intricate design work to create a rejuvenating indoor atmosphere that promotes physical and spiritual wellness for all who enter.


A home is more than a place of rest – it is a haven of peace. As such, we at La Maison place great reverence in the design and building of villas, knowing that we are essentially creating and shaping the environment in which people will be spending their time recuperating from the rigours of the day. We partner closely with our clients every step of the way, to ensure that the final result is achieved in accordance to client specifications.


Buildings serve a variety of purposes. Some buildings are meant for commercial purposes, while others are meant for residential accommodation. With this in mind, we at La Maison put an emphasis on accomplishing building designs that cater to the specific needs of the intended audience. Buildings that are commissioned for corporate outfits and commercial purposes are designed and built to boost efficiency and maximise productivity. On the other hand, buildings commissioned for residential accommodation are meant to harbour comfort and relaxation on a heightened level. This is how we produce optimal designs for our clients.