Client Partnership Programme

At La Maison, we strive to build strong professional relationships that extend beyond the conventional sphere of client and service provider relations. This is furthered through our Client Partnership Programme – a platform that aims to foster collaboration between clients and La Maison through a referral system.

The referral process

The programme works on a bulk referral basis. La Maison offers a free surveying report for every 5 referrals that a client provides to us. Once a client has accomplished 5 referral forms with unique referrals, a representative from La Maison will get in touch with the client to discuss details of the surveying report.

Furthermore, if a referral agrees to contract with La Maison on a project, then the client that referred the latest client will be given a 0.05 per cent discount on the design cost of their project. If two referrals sign up to La Maison, then the referrer will be given a full 0.1 per cent discount.

To enter a valid client referral, the following information should be provided to La Maison:

  • Full name
  • Mobile number
  • Email
  • Occupation

Leverage the full extent of La Maison’s referral program to increase the value you get for your investment.

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