Here at La Maison Architects & Engineers Co. LLC, we believe in delivering a holistic and unified service that caters directly to the needs of our client. In line with this, we qualified engineers for supervision at the site to ensure that the design intent of the finalised plan is implemented in the execution of the project.

A dedicated engineer will be assigned to perform scheduled visits at the project site to monitor the progress and the quality of the construction work. The site engineer will ensure implementation of the design plan is followed in accordance to the text of the contract documents and the building regulations of the local authorities.

At the convenience of the client, the site engineer will provide documented progress reports highlighting the construction work that has been accomplished at the time of the site visit, as well as other details of the project that are worthy of note. Included in the progress report are any construction implementations that deviate from the finalised construction plan and contract documents.

We can provide only supervision for underconstructions sites

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