La Maison Architects and Engineers Co. LLC believe the key to the future of architecture, engineering, and design is in investing in the bright minds of tomorrow. Harnessing the innovation and creativity of the youth can give rise to revolutionary ideas and ground-breaking concepts towards more sustainable infrastructure. That is why we are opening our doors to students who dream of building a better world. We offer our Student Training Programme to university students who wish to cultivate their knowledge of the architecture, engineering, and design industry through real-world immersion.

Our Student Training Programme will serve as a nesting ground for learners, granting them first-hand experience in the inner workings of a world-class design and engineering outfit. Taking place in the summer, the training programme will send students overseas, where they will have the opportunity to work at our sister company Arquivio Arquitectura in Spain. Young learners will be able to peek into our creative processes and gain invaluable insight from our experienced designers. At the same time, the programme opens opportunities for collaborations and talent partnerships with new and rising talent.

To know more about our Student Training Programme, please feel free to get in touch with one of our consultants today.