Tender Submission & Participation

La Maison believes in helping generate new opportunities in the industry and in collaborating with our fellow professionals and service providers in the local and international sectors. As such, through our Tender Submission and Participation service, we invite contractors and suppliers to take a look at the projects in our pipeline, submit their tender documents, and be part of projects that are designed to better lives and communities in the UAE and across the GCC region.


• Proper registration and accreditation of the company/contractor/service provider
• Official invitation to participate in the tender procedure
• Complete and on-time submission of tender documents (e.g., with costing and itemised details)


To ensure the overall quality of our services, we implement careful screening of all tender documents and participants. Our professional staff will thoroughly evaluate the tender documents to identify the contractors and suppliers that are in the best position to meet the requirements of the project, in terms of quality, materials, timeframe, costs, sustainability, and expertise. For this reason, the bidding process will primarily hinge on the following essential criteria:
• Level of expertise and experience of the tender participant
• Flexibility and ability to adjust their products/services to meet the project’s unique requirements
• Competitiveness of professional rates and other relevant costs
• Capability to meet the set milestones and deadlines for the project
• Financial stability to ensure complete participation throughout the duration of the project


To view the project details and requirements, interested contractors, suppliers, and professionals must fill in the form provided below and complete the one-time sign-up process. Upon signing up, La Maison will provide you with a unique username and password that you will use to gain access to our Tender and Bidding process.

To download the relevant files, interested parties must settle the required participation fee. Only parties who have settled the required fee will be able to download and view the tender project. Should you decide to participate and submit your tender, kindly provide all the required information and documentation by uploading them in this same platform.

If you require more information on our Tender and/or Bidding process, please feel free to give us a call at +971 4 259 5553 or e-mail us at lamasion.aec@gmail.com.

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