Workshop Drawing

Precision execution backed by comprehensive information – that is what we strive to achieve here at La Maison Architects & Engineers Co. LLC when it comes to our workshop drawings. We believe a well-built construction plan that provides all the necessary specifications is key to ensuring a flawless finish to the project. That is why our team of architects and engineers work to provide complete and accurate workshop drawings that detail the specifications of the construction project for expedited execution.

Drawing from our extensive experience servicing local and international clients, we make sure collaboration with other partners in the project is smooth and effective at the onset. Our workshop drawings include vital information such as dimensions, scale, notations and symbols, detailed per industry standards to ensure seamless transfer of information from design to construction.

Furthermore, our drawings go through multiple reviews to ensure that the drafts are coordinated, correct, and ready for immediate interpretation.

Computer-aided Accuracy in Tandem with Industry Experience

At La Maison, we place a premium on accuracy, especially with our workshop drawings. We use the latest three-dimensional Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software to efficiently create exact and detailed design plans and digital models of construction projects.

In addition to CAD software, we also utilise Building Information Modelling. This allows us to create intelligent and efficient three-dimensional plans that can be worked on collaboratively with engineers and contractors.

By using a flexible and adaptive platform, we make project coordination easier with parties involved in a project. In addition, stakeholders also gain easier access to crucial information, allowing for faster, data-based decision making.

Understand our workshop drawing process better

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